YukChuk Compost Bins

YukChuk Available at Amazon!

YukChuk Compost BinsThat’s right, the YukChuk Compost Bins are available at Amazon. Now you can order everything you need to create your own compost from kitchen waste you accumulate every day!

Pick one up today!

Be sure to check out the YukChuk and the many benefits it offers.

  • Upgrade to a YukChuk under counter food scraps bin and ‘presto ’No odors, No fruit flies. No charcoal filter replacement costs, No need. Made from high-density polypropylene, (HDPP), the same material used in milk containers and other food containers. HDPP is known for its non-leaching characteristics.
  • Free up your valuable counter space with a behind the cabinet door YukChuk. Our design is specifically functional for ease of filling and storing food waste. Little effort was made to produce a kitchen decoration when function was deemed the most critical need.
  • Mounts behind kitchen sink cabinet door for easy access, easy (one handed) use. Bracket and screws included.
  • HOT wash and HOT cycle Dishwasher safe, not like the other guys who’s material will withstand Cold in dishwasher.

Learn more about YukChuk Compost Bins here…

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