YukChuk Compost Bins

Brenda Luckett

Ordered the Yuk Chuk back in April (first time composter) and it has been a dream! I hesitated with composting because I did not want to have a bin on my counters with short amount of counter space, not to mention it possibly becoming unsightly/smelly. I LOVE this Yuk Chuk because it goes neatly under the counter below the sink so not in view, and I do not smell anything because it is closer to ground level.

This past month I noticed that the bracket that attaches to the cabinet cracked, even though I am very careful when taking bin on/off. I was not sure how it happened. I contacted the owner and he was so very kind and accommodating and sent me a new bracket. I later found out that my 6 y.o. son attempted to open the bin/ take it off and probably did it way too hard and cracked it (sorry!)

Nonetheless, the owner graciously sent me a new one without question. They have a customer for life and I will tell everyone about this wonderful product who wishes to compost and also about the excellent customer support!

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