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YukChuk testimonialsReviews and testimonials are a sure way to gauge your product’s success. We already know how much of an impact YukChuk Compost Bins can make in not only providing an odor-free environment to store food waste, but in countless of other ways as well!

Take a look at some of the testimonials offered from recent YukChuk owners listed below. We also encourage you to send in your personal experience with our product using the form at the very bottom of the page. Check back in the near future to see if it has been added to this list – which we plan to keep expanding as the reviews come in.

Linda, MA, August 2013

Great Idea for the Kitchen!

Finally a Food Waste Container that does everything they say it would. I received my YukChuk about 5 weeks ago and want to tell you how super happy I am with it. After years of buying replacement charcoal filters for my old one and still getting ‘that’ smell, I saw your web site and decided to try your product. It sure works well, NO smell with that YukLok handle and I challenged myself to beat the web site video on how quickly I could load my Yuchuk. I’m under 15 seconds and can do with one hand and no spills, and now I don’t have to buy any more filters.

Sean O’Conner “Soconn”, September 2013

Weird Name, Outstanding Product!

This little waste container is very, very good. It is the most imaginative approach to small scale recycling/waste containment that I have ever seen. But, never mind me, the wacko composter. Listen to the wife, no country girl she. “It’s marvelous, easy to use and there’s no stink, absolutely none.” When It’s full, for me every two days, I haul it down to the compost pen and dump the contents. Now that I have two, I’ll be making the trip every 4 days. If you recycle food scraps, potato skins, orange peels or just even egg shells, this is the container for you. Don’t put it off. Do it now.

Jason, October 22, 2014

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I love this product! I use it with Full Circle Compostable Waste Bags and it’s great! No smell – even if you leave it under the sink for a few weeks. It cleans up really well. Most times all you have to do is rinse it out, but if you leave your scraps for too long, a little Mr. Clean will freshen it right up! Highly Recommend!

Rico (Pacific NW, USA), October 16, 2014

GREAT LITTLE WASTE BIN! I didn’t want a scrap bucket on the kitchen counter so I opted for this one and have been very pleased. It hangs neatly beneath the sink, can be opened with one hand and the lid locks easily. No issues with odors escaping. If you use without a liner, you can pop it in the dishwasher.

E. Derr (Texas), August 2013

YukChuk Food Waste Container.

Living in the country, and no disposal for waste, I was looking for a product I could use daily. I came across the YukChuk and I must say it was beyond my expectations. Not intrusive at all, takes up very little space, and there is absolutely NO smell, which was my fear. The quality of this product is high grade and you won’t be sorry. If you are looking for a compost, by far this is the BEST product out there. Take a chance, GREAT product, Thanks for helping me out.

Amazon Customer, October 23, 2014

BRILLIANT! This is the easiest/best method I’ve found for catching kitchen compost. I would only add a front “pocket” for the box of biobags to rest in. Mounts very easily in minutes, and straight into easy use. I’m trying this bin to transfer into a Bokashi buckets.

Napacook (Napa, CA United States), October 19, 2014

This is a great composting bin!

This is a great composting bin. Love that it under the cabinet. It’s easy to use and when closed, it truly doesn’t smell. Highly recommended.

Yohualpan Tona, October 13, 2014

Seeing how sturdy the make of this pail was…

My use of this this was not at all conventional–I had intended to purchase this item for a friend, but as a research scientist, I put this to other uses. Seeing how sturdy the make of this pail was, and how convenient it was to carry, I used it to transport specimens as I traveled the east coast. Since I work with delicate and fragile specimens, maintaining their integrity is of the utmost import, and this little pail did the trick. As for it’s intended use, perhaps someday I might use it for that, but for now, this little guy is going to be my companion on my specimen collection forays.

Ssquared, October 17, 2014

Highly recommended!

Love this bin! The lid mechanism keeps the bugs and odors out while on your counter. You can operate the locking mechanism easily with one hand, helpful when your other hand is full of compost able food. Bummer it isn’t an amazon prime item but it’s worth paying the extra for shipping. Old reviews mention the non-removable sticker bug they now come without the sticker. I’ve tried other, cheaper bins but this one is the best, hands down.

Geezabrat, October 23, 2014

LOVE THIS! Love this, it is the best compost container that I’ve had, and I’ve tried many. Easy to use, no smell and best of all no little gnats flying around. The bags that are associated with it are also the best bags I’ve used. Buy it, you’ll love it plus it’s out of the way hanging from a cabinet door not taking up valuable counter space.


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