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Gordon Newman, Designer/Owner YukChuk, LLC

The YukChuk® Compost Bin was inspired in 2011 while watching my daughter prepare and plant her first vegetable garden. What was intended to be a small veggie patch to provide truly ‘organic’ food for her children, turned out to be much larger, and is now accompanied by a chicken coup, three beehives, a greenhouse and a larger composter!

Discovering that 30% of the food produced for human consumption actually went to waste changed my mind set from inspired to driven to be a part of minimizing such waste and serve the ‘Greater Good’.

Several months of research revealed that there was a market need for a kitchen food waste container that was truly homemaker friendly, really did seal odors in and was robust. Putting the 40+ years of broad manufacturing experience to work, it still took over two years to satisfy my passion for excellence.

While everything can be improved upon, including the YukChuk, our customer feedback clearly supports our claim to have reset the bar at a new Gold Standard high – suggesting that "upgrading" to a YukChuk is not a stretch. Living in a ‘Time is of the Essence’ culture, ease of use was mission-critical to the design and resulted in a product that can be used single handedly in less than 20 seconds.

A YukChuk is not another me-too bucket with a lid. It is 100% designed for the busy homemaker who is active about leaving a healthy planet for our grandchildren – that was and always will be the goal of YukChuk, LLC.

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