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A picture is worth a thousand words – there really isn't anything like seeing first-hand how easy the YukChuk compost bin can be utilized. Click on the images below to open a short video showing the recycling bin being put to the test. We believe that once you see how easily a YukChuk can be integrated into your daily routine, you will be able to cash in on the immediate benefits offered to you by this amazing storage container.
YukChuk Kitchen Compost Bin Overview Video
YukChuk Storage Container
is Truly Odor-Free Video
kitchen compost bin
compost pail

Watch a short video showing the benefits of a
YukChuk composter and just how easy it is to use,
store, wash and implement into your daily life.
Click here, or on the image above to start the video.

Click here, or on the image above to watch this video
that proves just how odor-free a YukChuk compost
bucket can be – helping to reduce not only the smell of
food waste, but also reduce fruit flies and other insects
that feed upon such materials.
YukChuk Recycle Bin is
Easy to Use Video
YukChuk Under Sink
Storage Video
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composting bins

An earlier video, highlighting the ease-of-use for the
YukChuk compost pail. See how easy the storage unit is
to open, lock and secure – all done with just a few fingers.
Click here, or on the image above to start the video.

Also an earlier video, showing just how convenient the
under sink storage is for a YukChuk recycling bin. The container and mounting brackets have both been improved
since this filming, yet see how simple it can be, even with
our older technology! Click here or on the image above
for more.
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