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The YukChuk Food Waste Container

It doesn't take long to figure out that the affordable and rugged YukChuk Storage Bin can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your lifestyle. Designed by engineers to provide under sink storage of food waste, the recycling bin makes efficient use of it's Yuk-Lok Sealing System – which keep odors from escaping and unwanted pests from entering.

Take a look at this video, which shows the YukChuk keeping the output from a smoke bomb contained when it's lid is in the locked shut position! Then just imagine what this composting bin could do to prevent food odors from escaping.

But that's not all – this food waste bin is stored easily under the sink with included the brackets, although is still stylish enough to also be placed on the countertop as well. You may find this recycling container to have many more uses than for storing organic compost materials. Many people also use these storage bins for:
Pet Food Containers / Cat Litter Storage
Waste Bins / Diaper Pails
Food Storage Containers / Recycling Bins
Storage Units / Under Sink Storage
And of course, Composting Bins and Food Waste Storage
The flat piece along the top-front of the compost bin is called the living hinge. This part allows the top to open and seal tight. It is extremely sanitary and rugged.

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The Yuk-Lok:
The Yuk-Lok system is opened by pulling down the top handle, then engages when moved back into the upright position. The mechanism clamps down to seal in odors, while keeping out potential insects and fruit flies.

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YukChuk DImensions:

12" High x 11" Wide x 6" Deep
Front Open
Side Open
Back Open
Top Open
Bio Bag Hooks:
All along the two back edges of the storage bin are tiny hooks that are used to hold the bio bags in place tightly. These keep the bags from falling in, and always keeping the container open for waste insertion.

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