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It’s a Compost Bin. It’s a Food Storage Container...
Yes, It’s a YukChuk!

Recycling food waste has never been easier. Create rich compost without all the mess.

YukChuk® compost bins are an easy and affordable solution for creating your own compost – directly from the kitchen food waste you leave behind every day.

These robust, polymer storage units are the perfect for recycling organic scraps, with a locking lid to help keep odors at bay.

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YukChuk Videos

Watch helpful videos showing how the YukChuk Composting Bin can be used for storage of your food waste without any hassle or unwanted odors.

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Composter Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our satisfied online and Amazon® shoppers are saying about the YukChuk compost storage container.

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The YukChuk is Perfect for:
Storing Kitchen Scraps and Food Waste
Recycling Storage or Recycling Bins
Food Storage Container or Pet Food Storage
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